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Like their restaurant, Outerlands, The home that Dave and Lana share with their almost four year-old is as homey as it is beautiful — driftwood and salvaged fence wood have been used for their deck, greenhouses, and creative workspace, while the inside is an eclectic collection of vintage furniture that makes you want to curl up with a cup of hot tea and a shawl tucked under your toes.

The city surf shack, located a few blocks up from the beach, packs a lot of sustainable design ideas ― from driftwood and salvaged fence wood used for their deck to vintage furniture inside ― into a compact space in Ocean Beach. Just a few blocks up and you’re in the heart of San Francisco with nothing but the salt air in your hair.

“Before we opened Outerlands, our friends and neighbors gathered in our tiny backyard for whatever we were serving up through our kitchen window,” says Lana. “These days, we retreat to the restaurant, which feels like an extension of our home and sits a few blocks up from the beach and a couple blocks from our home,” says Lana smiling.”

The home is both a launchpad for creative ideas, surfing, and a place to gather.

Lana and her daughter in the main greenhouse, which was built from salvaged wood and driftwood.

Surf boards line the side of the house while wetsuits hang over the gate to dry.

Beautiful greens grow steps from their front door that are used for dinner and drink recipes.

 *all images by Eric Wolfinger



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