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  /  03.12.2012  /  New Discoveries

The back of the magazine is loaded with tons of great resources and cool things to check out, but they’re easily looked over if you don’t think to click. So, we wanted to put together a series that calls out some of these “new discoveries” to get you exploring some awesome travel inspiration on the web. We’ll of course be sharing more beyond what’s in the magazine too!

They Draw and Travel is a wonderful collection of custom maps from around the world by illustrators depicting their favorite places. (If this looks at all familiar to you, maybe you saw the site that inspired it all: They Draw and Cook, which are illustrated recipes submitted by readers.) We love the idea of searching the archives before your next trip. If you drew a map, what would you include?

In case you don’t know Fathom, stop what you’re doing and check them out now. They see travel much the way we do. One of our favorite things they do is showcase what’s happening In the Magazines each month – it’s a wonderful way to prove that print and web can live harmoniously side by side and complement each other. They also recently launched a new online shop, which is cleverly arranged by destination, and corresponds with their various city guides.


HNBAT or How Not to be a Tourist celebrates local travel by taking a humorous look at what it means to be a tourist vs. a local in a range of major cities (with more to come!). Reader feedback and local contributors help give it its location-specific charms.



  1. JoAnna  / 

    I love the travel component of your magazine, so thanks for highlighting these companies!

  2. Risamay  / 

    Oh, “They Draw & Travel” is so cool. Thank you for introducing me to it! I collect maps – vintage to modern – and love anything hand drawn so this is right up my alley. Yum!

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